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The man behind the brand

Amir Segev – the man behind the brand

The founder of "Nanokeratin system" and the person behind its success is Amir Segev, a former successful hairdresser entrepreneur and an acknowledged developer of industry changing hair dyeing techniques.

Along the years Amir has industrialized some of the most innovative hair coloring practices. As part of his worldwide activities, Amir has developed a revolutionary hair coloring technique based on pigments calculation and adaptation of the different hair colors. This technique has changed the way hair dressers are approaching hair dyeing today and is thought to be a breakthrough in this area. 

As the company founder, Amir has set "innovation" as the key to acquiring solutions, in developing and producing products, packaging designs, practicable hairdresser working tools and workspace.

Amir's track record in premium hair treatment world:

  •      Developer of the groundbreaking patented hair coloring technique based on pigments calculation and adaptation- the revolutionary product was sold to the well-known "Wella" company and serves as an integral part of its hair dyeing products line since then. 
  •      A leading member of the "Koleston" development and marketing team. 
  •      Development and training of specialized workshops for thousands of hair dressers.
  •      Author of a special guide book about pigments calculation and adaptation in hair coloring procedures.
  •      Designer of world known hair dressing posters.
  •      1994 - Winner of the innovation Oscar in hair styling from the famous "Intercoiffure" magazine. The reward reflected his world-shattering hair cutting and dyeing techniques. 
  •      2004 - Rewarded as one of the most innovative hair dressers in the world by "people stop".  

Along his lengthy career, Amir has worked with worldwide leading companies as Wella, Creo and L'Oreal, harnessing his talent and knowledge in favor of innovation and initialization of industry changing techniques.

Bio-mimicry: healthy and beautiful hair the natural way

Today, Amir is the founder , Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of "Nanokeratin system", a professional hair care blends and at the forefront of hair technology.

"Nanokeratin System" has created a patented scientifically   proven micro size molecular hair repair and enhancement system named bio-mimicry. The ongoing research and development of unique and advanced formulas are inspired by the power of nature. The revolutionary patented technology is enhanced with biomimetic ingredients that emulate natural hair process, offering healthy hair- the natural way.

BeFri hair brush: the next generation of hair brushing products is here

As part of his innovative developments, Amir has developed the BeFri hair brush. This state-of-the-art product is a professional brush that brings immediate hair relief. Based on revolutionary patented technology, BeFri features a unique Kinematic structure with eight free-moving arms that glide through the hair and smooth it out.




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